After a period of consultation and discussion with the School Board in 1999 and in line with West Lothian Council policy the school dress code for St. Mary's is as follows:-

Pupils should wear either a) a royal blue sweat top with the school badge and a white polo shirt with grey or navy trousers or skirt.  or b) a white shirt and school tie with a royal blue jersey or cardigan and grey or navy trousers or skirt.  In summer girls may prefer to wear a blue gingham dress.


Pupils should not wear jeans, football tops or fashion bottoms e.g. tracksuit trousers with stripes of more than one colour.

Footwear should be sensible and appropriate keeping safety in mind.


Jewellery, where worn, should be discreet and should not constitute a danger to the child or other children.

The school and Council will not be responsible for loss of or damage to pupils' clothing and personal belongings including mobile phones. Valuable items, including jewellery and unnecessarily expensive articles of clothing, should not be brought to school.