All children are part of the school's pupil committees. The committees ensure that as a school community, we engage the children in important real life learning agendas, work collaboratively with a range of partners, nurture shared values and develop important leadership skills at all levels.

Each committee has a teacher leader to help facilitate the groups as detailed below:


The Health Committee

Our role is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. We support activities round the school such as Sports Day and Walk to School. We have recently launched Fruity Fridays and are trying to encourage the school community to pick a healthier choice at snack time. 


The Playground Committee

The Playground Committee helps to make the playground a positive place to be. We understand that our playground provides a community hub for all the boys and girls and are trying hard to work with business and parents to make necessary improvements.


The Eco Committee

In the Eco Committee we are working hard to improve our community environment. We have been developing the school grounds in various ways and launched our own school garden. We drive forward priorities that improve and support Sustainable Education, which includes the presentation and cleanliness of our grounds and an annual Spring-time whole school litter Clean-up.


The Fairtrade Committee

In the Fairtrade and Enterprise Committee we are tasked with educating the school about Fairtrade. We raise money from selling fairtrade products at our tuck shop on Fruity Fridays, also helping to promote a healthy lifestyle. 


Media and Events Committee

The Media and Events Committee is responsible for organising all events within the school calendar this includes Halloween and Christmas Celebrations, Lenten activities and end of year activities. We work collaboratively to plan and run each event.